Synthetic Oil Change Service

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It is very easy to come in and have us do a regular or synthetic oil change service on your vehicle. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to get in and out with quality work done. It takes only a short time to remove the old, deteriorated oil in your car's engine and give it the right level of protection.

We have a very comfortable waiting area with Wi-Fi, TVs, magazines, and newspapers to keep you entertained and informed. We also have coffee, beverages, and snacks available to fight the hunger pangs. Those in Manhattan, Junction City, KS, or other nearby communities can schedule your service in advance to fit within your busy schedule.

Synthetic Oil Change in Topeka, KS

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you need to maintain it with regular oil changes. These days, that means a synthetic oil change to get all the benefits of modern technology. All vehicles need oil in their engines to prevent metal parts from rubbing, wearing and increasing heat inside the engine. The certified technicians at Briggs Subaru of Topeka, KS, can do a thorough synthetic oil change on any make or model vehicle. We also have traditional dino-based oil for those who do not use synthetic lubrication.

Changing Your Oil

When our technicians do a full synthetic oil change, they drain all the old, deteriorated oil and remove the old oil filter. They replace the filter with genuine OEM of top-brand aftermarket oil filters from our parts department. Then, they replace synthetic oil with the brand of your choice. The options of oil filters and oil brands help to give you the greatest flexibility in pricing. It also ensures you get exactly the type of oil you prefer. Many car owners are very particular when it comes to the type and brand of oil used. We have a great selection to ensure you get yours.

Synthetic Oil Last Longer & is More Efficiency Than Conventional

An oil change is a very simple and basic form of vehicle maintenance. The engine oil prevents wear and tear while keeping operating temperatures within manufacturer specifications. That helps to ensure the longest engine life and lowest ownership costs when it comes to repairs. The oil in your car's engine loses viscosity and breaks down over time.

It turns from a nice, golden color, to an ugly black, smelly substance. That bad, broken down oil no longer works as intended, and your car's engine suffers damages. Metal parts wear out sooner, and you spend more money on repairs. Or, you can change your oil every 3,500 to 5,000 miles and ensure your engine enjoys maximum protection against untimely breakdowns.

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