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Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 in Topeka, KS

As you’re probably aware, Thanksgiving is on a Thursday every year. For 2022, that Thursday is November 24th, which means we’re just ten days away from what many consider the biggest feast of the year. If you don’t have plans to enjoy a big home-cooked meal for 2022, then you might be looking for places to eat Thanksgiving dinner here in Topeka, Kansas. Below are a few local restaurants that should be open for the holiday this year.

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Annie’s Place

One local favorite here in Topeka, Annie’s Place, has delivered a fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner special menu in the past and they’ll be doing just that once again this year. Their menu will only feature two options: Turkey Dinner or Ham Dinner, and the restaurant will only be open between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the holiday. Still, this represents one of the best local options for outsourcing your Thanksgiving Dinner – or in this case, perhaps, lunch!

Riegel’s 20’s West Bar & Grill

You could also head over to Riegel’s 20’s West Bar & Grill at 901 SW Fairlawn Road. The Bar & Grill has plenty of great options from which to choose, including a lot of traditional bar foods and more. We don’t yet know if they’ll be offering anything special for the holiday, but they have been open on Thanksgiving in the past. Give them a call or stop in to inquire about hours on the holiday to see if it makes a good option.

Brass Rail Tavern

Similar to the last option, you could visit the Brass Rail Tavern at 401 NE Emmett. They’ve been open for the holiday in the past so they might be open once again, just be sure to stop in or give them a call to double check.

However you decide to spend the holiday, we simply want you to enjoy your Turkey Day. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

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