Timing Belt Service Topeka, KS

Why does my Engine need Timing?

The Subaru Timing Belt was given its name because it guides the position and timing of several vital engine components including the pistons and valves.  Just like a director guides every character in a play when and where to be on stage, the engine timing belt in your Subaru's engine is what tells the internal moving components where to be and when. When the timing belt is functioning properly at peak condition, the engine's moving parts are in precisely the perfect synchronization to generate a smooth-firing engine that purrs like a kitten with maximum fuel efficiency. Timing Belt Service at the recommended maintenance interval is always a better decision than gambling with the service until the timing belt fails. It's also a good decision to have the timing belt inspected as your Subaru logs more miles as a precautionary measure that proactively protects the engine from catastrophic damages caused by a broken timing belt.

What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Engine Timing Belt?

As the Timing Belt starts to decline, there will likely be one or more symptoms of a budding problem. The worst outcome is a timing belt failure with extensive damages to the pistons, valves, and cylinder walls. As you can probably guess, fixing this kind of damage is an intensive service with expensive relative labor expenses. Signs you need a timing belt service above!

Symptoms of a faulty Engine Timing Belt:

  • Ticking engine noise
  • Engine won't start
  • Engine misfire warning code or condition
  • Oil leaks at the front of the engine

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Schedule Timing Belt Service at Briggs Subaru of Topeka

The symptoms of a faulty Engine Timing Belt are no laughing matter unless you think spending tons of money on preventable labor costs is fun. If you are at the recommended Timing Belt Service maintenance interval or if you have any of the warning signs of a faulty Engine Timing Belt, we strongly encourage you to schedule a Timing Belt Service before the problem can get worse. Briggs Subaru of Topeka is conveniently located near Manhattan, KS & Junction City, KS.

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