Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

Replacing Your Rear Brake Pads

There are a few factors that impact how fast the brake pads on a car will wear out. First, how often is the car driven? A car that is driven more frequently will need to have its brakes serviced more. Drivers have different habits that influence the brakes as well. Those who ride on the brakes will need them changed sooner than someone with different driving habits. Smooth and gradual braking is better for the lifespan of the brakes. Materials that make up the brake rotor and brake pad will also play a role in the brakes' durability. Brakes made from carbon-ceramic will last longer than standard metal braces. The downside of carbon-ceramic brakes is that they are extremely expensive and used typically only on sports cars. The rear pads will typically wear out later than the front pads because of the weight transfer and momentum when braking. 

New Rear Brake Pads for Sale in Topeka, KS

Changing your rear brake pads is important. If you wait too long, you can do damage to the discs. Brake pads don't need to be changed that frequently. Generally, they should be replaced after approximately 50,000 miles. Some might need to be changed at 25,000, while others are replaced after 70,000. The brake pad system is comprised of the brake caliper, brake pad, and brake rotor

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Subaru Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

When to Replace Your Rear Brake Pads

The environment that you drive in will also play a role in how often you need your car's brakes to be repaired. Stop and go traffic will definitely be bigger to wear and tear on brakes. The hardness of the brakes will play a role in how fast they wear. Hard compound brake pads will last longer, and usually, need to be warm for them to perform well. These are more common with performance cars. Soft compound brake pads perform better at lower speeds, such as in urban areas. Temperatures that are higher will melt the brakes.

Signs You Need New Brake Pads:

  • Thickness of brake pads. If they are too thin, they will make a noise and need to be replaced. This squealing or squeaking noise is a safety mechanism built into brake pads, and they are engineered to do this, so drivers don't ride on brake pads that are too thin.
  • Jittery braking. If the braking is jittery, then the brake pads are not doing their job correctly. It can be due to the rotors being warped. Cleaning the rotor might help fix this, but other times it needs to be replaced.

Bring your car in today for it to be serviced and brake pads replaced. Briggs Subaru of Topeka serves Topeka, as well as Manhattan and Junction City, KS. We have factory-trained technicians and genuine OEM parts and accessories. Let us know how we can help you today!

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