Engine Air Filter Replacement Service

How a Fresh Air Filter Benefits Your Engine

The typical engine air filter doesn't seem like much, but it plays a crucial role in your engine's performance and efficiency. But the air outdoors isn't exactly the air you'd want in your engine. Pollen, dust and other types of debris can contaminate the inner workings of your engine, making it harder to use fuel and produce power in the most efficient manner possible. The engine air filter traps all of these contaminants before they can reach the intake manifold and make their way into the engine's combustion chambers.

Engine Air Filter Replacement Service in Topeka, KS

Every engine needs three things to run properly - fuel, air, and spark. The engine air filter on your Subaru car, crossover or SUV ensures that the air that gets to your engine is free of any harmful debris that could negatively impact your engine. Like any other wear item, you'll need to replace your engine air filter regularly to get the best reliability and performance.

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Subaru Engine Air Filter Replacement Service

Consequences Of Not Replacing The Engine Air Filter

Engine air filters are bound to get dirty over time. The dirtier your air filter gets, the less air can make it into the engine. This can have plenty of negative consequences on your Subaru's overall performance. Less air means your engine uses more fuel to do the same amount of work, resulting in a noticeable decrease in gas mileage. You may also experience a rough idle as well as problems with acceleration. You may even see your "Check Engine" light illuminate due to these issues.

When to Change Your Engine Air Filter

Knowing when to replace your engine air filter is essential for getting the best performance from your Subaru. There are several rules of thumb to go by, but most experts recommend changing your engine air filter every 15,000 miles. Certain driving conditions, especially if you travel down dirt roads or live in an exceptionally dusty area, may dictate you change your engine air filter sooner. 

Certified Subaru Service at Briggs Subaru

The best way to know when the time is right for an engine air filter replacement is to consult your owner's manual or speak to the factory-trained technicians at Briggs Subaru of Topeka. The technicians will check your engine air filter as a courtesy step during engine tune-ups and oil changes, just in case. If a replacement is needed, you can rest easier knowing that it'll be replaced with a genuine OEM Subaru part. No matter where you are in Topeka, Manhattan or Junction City, KS, you can always turn to Briggs Subaru of Topeka for the best service.

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