Conventional Oil Change

Subaru Oil Change in Topeka, KS

Everybody knows they need to have their oil changed. It's the best-understood maintenance in the book. You know that you need a change every three months. Or, is it every 6 months? Was it 3,000 miles? If you've heard conflicting reports on how often your oil should be changed, you aren't alone. When you look a little more deeply at what is involved in a conventional oil change, the mystery disappears and you'll know exactly how to take great care of your Subaru.

What Is a Conventional Oil Change

Since we're getting technical, a conventional oil change usually has three components. The first is replacing all of the oil in the engine. Conventional oil lubricates the engine to prevent grinding and damage to the moving parts, but the high heat involved eventually degrades the oil. That's why it's important to periodically replace degraded oil with fresh, new oil.

The second component is replacing the oil filter. It works to keep contaminants out of the lubricant, but eventually, filters are overwhelmed by a buildup of those contaminants. A new filter solves that problem.

The third component typically involves a multi-point inspection. Mechanics will check all of your fluids, tire pressure, air filter (which often needs replacement every other oil change) and all of the other parts of the car that should be regularly inspected. That makes oil changes essential upkeep that also add a lot to preventative maintenance.

When Do I Need My Oil Changed?

The classic wisdom here is that you should change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but you might have heard differently in the last few years. A lot of new vehicles can go twice as long between changes. That's because new vehicles often use entirely synthetic oil blends. The synthetic oil degrades more slowly, but it costs more than its conventional counterpart. Ultimately, you'll find a reliable recommendation in your owner's manual.

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What If I Put Off an Oil Change?

We've all done this at times. Delaying an oil change by a day won't cause your car to explode. In reality, there are two risks with stalling on oil changes. The first, and most common, is wear and tear. If you're consistently late on this service, your engine will have to work with degraded oil regularly. The degraded oil doesn't lubricate very well, and habitually late changes cause the moving parts to grind. It shortens the life of the engine. The bigger problem happens when you give up on oil changes altogether. As contaminants build up and the oil degrades, it gets thicker and heavier. Eventually, the oil will completely seize. When that happens, there is no repair to fix the problem. You need a new engine.

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Since you understand the importance of oil changes, you want to take your Subaru to the right mechanic. In Topeka, Manhattan and Junction City, the right mechanics are found at Briggs. We've long been devoted to our community, and we want any time you spend here to feel like time spent at home.

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