Subaru Check Engine Light Service 

Subaru Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Few things in a vehicle purvey the ominous feeling of the check engine light. It comes on when you think everything is fine. There are so many components in a vehicle tied to that light that it could mean just about anything. Is the car about to die forever? Did you just forget to tighten your gas cap? Until you get the light serviced, you can't really know. Thankfully, check engine light services are always available.


As much as the light feels scary, it's quite an incredible innovation. It lets your expert mechanics know that something is wrong. It also tells them exactly where to look. When they hook the diagnostic scanner up to your car, a specific code (sometimes multiple codes) will shorten the list of possibilities. This makes the diagnostic part of the procedure faster and easier for the mechanics. That translates to saving you time and money. The mechanics can plug in your car and see the code in mere minutes. While the engine light might be one of the most frightening things for you to see, it's often one of the fastest issues for us to assess. 

Identifying the Problem

Once the code is read, your mechanic can explain the situation to you. Check engine codes are so varied that this could range from the simplest to the most complicated of issues. That's why a conversation always follows the diagnostics. Your mechanic will set expectations, layout your available courses of action, and let you choose what you want. In many cases, the light will identify a problem but not an exact solution. The mechanics may need to do additional testing to finish diagnosing the issue. For example, a common code is P0138. It's a generic code that recognizes a problem with oxygen regulation. Unfortunately, there are a handful of that code sources, and each needs to be tested as part of the diagnostic. In cases like this, your mechanic will explain as much, and they may recommend additional testing to resolve the issue entirely. When the problem is specific, they'll let you know what is necessary to get it fixed. You can get a quote and decide how you want to proceed. Your mechanic will help you with whatever you choose.

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