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Every Subaru car, crossover, and SUV has a braking system that slows down and stops the vehicle as necessary for a comfortable driving experience and maximum passenger safety. Not to mention the fact that when you provide adequate stopping power and security for yourself and your passengers, you also create a safer environment for everyone else on the road. The Brake System is relatively complex with many vital components all working together to generate the stopping power needed to stop the car. The blood of the brake system is hydraulic brake fluid that requires consistent monitoring and maintenance at the recommended Brake Fluid Exchange interval. Brake Fluid Exchange Service at the recommended maintenance interval is a great way to help ensure that the Brake System is operating at peak performance, factory specifications, and maximum safety.

Here are the symptoms of poor Brake Fluid in need of Exchange Service:

  • Brake system warning light is on
  • Brake noise - grinding, squealing, or squeaking
  • Wobbling, shimmying, or vibration when braking
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Softer or harder brake pedal feeling
  • Burning smell
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking

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Brake Fluid 101

Brake Fluid is classified by chemists and engineers as a hydraulic liquid. Hydraulic fluids are attractive to automotive engineers because it is a liquid that resists compression, making it perfect to transfer power through hydraulic systems like the Subaru brake system. The major limitation of Brake Fluid is that it will absorb water over time, which contaminates the brake fluid and eventually its performance. Water-contaminated Brake Fluid inside the brake lines will heat to boiling and turn into a vapor that is compressible. When water vapor compresses inside the brake line, the brake system loses its ability to transfer stopping power adequately, and the brakes won't be able to stop your vehicle as needed for maximum safety. Brake Fluid Exchange Service is always the right decision at the recommended maintenance interval; however, it's also important to inspect Brake Fluid periodically looking for any warning signs that it is already contaminated. Signs are listed above!

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