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The Importance of Following the Recommended 6K Mile Service Interval

Let's consider a statistic first: there are many examples of Subaru cars logging over 500,000 miles. That's a lot of miles for an average car, but not for a Subaru. Known for durability, reliability, and longevity, your Subaru was made to last. However, there's one little catch - every driver wanting their Subaru to be the next candidate for the 500,000-mile club will need to follow the recommended maintenance interval outlined in the owner's manual. Following the recommended maintenance interval is the best way to support your vehicle's reliability, durability, and longevity. Since the recommended maintenance interval was written by engineers that designed the car and they know exactly how to maintain the systems and components best, it's is always the best idea to do what the engineers recommend.

What does the 6K Mile Service Include?

The Subaru 6K Mile Service included the oil filter change, tire rotation, and a comprehensive Multi-Point Inspection. The service covers all of the systems and components prone to contamination and wear and tear at the 6,000-mile mark. With the oil filter and tires prone to wear and tear, they are both featured in the 6K Mile Service alongside a Multi-Point Inspection intended to identify any additional parts wearing out rapidly so that they can be restored to factory specifications. By partnering what Subaru engineers know needs serviced with a preventative Multi-Point Inspection, you can rest assured that the 6K Mile Service provides what your Subaru needs precisely when it needs it most to ensure peak performance.

Oil Filter

Engine Oil becomes contaminated, and the Oil Filter traps things like metal shavings before the engine is compromised. Every 6K Service will remove the old Oil Filter and replace it with a genuine Subaru-approved Oil Filter.

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Tire Rotation

To promote even tire tread wear, Tire Rotation moves each tire to a new wheel location. When performed at the 6,000-mile mark, you can expect to receive even tire tread wear, maximum tire life, and reduced costs associated with tire repair and replacement.

Multi-Point Inspection

A Multi-Point Inspection is a broad assessment of your Subaru's condition with an emphasis on its major systems and parts. The proactive measure of the 6K Mile Service, any parts with wear and tear compromising factory specifications will be identified, and you'll be given an opportunity to repair or replace them as necessary for peak performance and reliability.

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