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Value of Following the Maintenance Interval in your Subaru owner's manual

Of little importance when making your vehicle purchase, there's a section within the recently-acquired owner's manual dedicated to the important maintenances for your Subaru car, crossover, or SUV. Developed by leading world-class engineers, the maintenance intervals provide specific maintenances proven to keep your vehicle at peak performance for hundreds of thousands of miles…if followed. If world-class engineers know how valuable certain routine maintenances are for your vehicle, there's really no good reason to ignore their recommendations unless you want to bury your vehicle prematurely. With dozens of Subaru vehicles on record logging over 500,000 miles with their owners claiming that the single most important action to achieve this many miles, it's fairly obvious that if your Subaru is at 30,000 miles, it's a good idea to get the recommended 30K Service at Briggs Subaru of Topeka.

Focal points for our 30K Service at Briggs Subaru of Topeka

  • Oil Change - needed to help keep the  engine oil clean, oil filter change removes the old oil filter and replaces it with a genuine Subaru oil filter.
  • Tire Rotation - recommended for even tread wear, tire rotation moves each tire to a new wheel location for maximum life.
  • Brake Fluid Exchange - prone to water contamination, brake fluid exchange removes the old brake fluid and replaces it with genuine Subaru-approved Brake Fluid.
  • Engine Air Filter Exchange - prone to get clogged and torn, engine air filter exchange removes the old engine air filter replacing it with a genuine Subaru-approved engine air filter.
  • Alignment Inspection - moving out of alignment over time, wheel alignment service checks and resets wheel angles using computerized equipment.
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    What does a 30K Service Include?

    The 30K Service at Briggs Subaru of Topeka starts with an expert technician with an advanced understanding of Subaru cars, crossovers, and SUVs because they have extensive experience performing routine maintenance on your exact vehicle. The Subaru 30K Service includes Oil Filter Change, Tire Rotation, Brake Fluid Exchange, Engine Air Filter Change, and Alignment Inspection. As you can tell, the 30K Service includes many vital components prone to a limited life but also responsible for keeping your Subaru in tip-top shape. Since every filter, all fluids, and tires are so important and valuable for your Subaru vehicle, we only rely on genuine Subaru replacement parts and fluids rigorously tested for fit and performance on your exact car, crossover, or SUV. 

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